Fabric Products

  • FABclean Green
    Is a high-strength green cleaning solution designed for outdoor weave fabrics, such as awnings, boats tops, covers and enclosures, and furniture cushions.
  • Apseal
    Is the most recommended formula for protecting open weave fabrics. Apseal helps to keep the fabric strong and free from fiber rot, mildew growth, and shields the surface form unwanted stains. Apseal is used to provide a protective and water repellent finish.

Vinyl Products

  • TentClean HD
    High-strength tent and vinyl cleaner designed to remove difficult Soils from those vinyl fabrics. TentClean HD is designed to be used on medium to heavy soils, stains, scuffing, streaking, and chalking.
  • TentClean Green
    A concentrated, environmentally safe, high-strength tent and vinyl cleaner, designed to remove those medium to heavy soils, stains, scuffing, streaking, and chalking from all vinyl fabrics.
  • Vinyl Clean Plus
    Is the industries most trusted and approved vinyl care product, effective for the removal of most soils, streaks, and chalking due to plasticizer migration.
  • Vinyl Protector
    Is the industry’s leading vinyl protector and finish dressing. It is designed to restore and maintain the vitality of vinyl fabrics that have been subjected to environmental exposure. Formulated to repeal all dirt, soil, and UV rays.